Grab the Secrets to the UpViral Editor

An in depth walk thru of the new UpViral drag-and-drop editor. 

Yea, much of it is obvious as with any modern editor... but what about those things you didn't know you could do? 

I show you somethings you may never have thought of doing as well as the basics. 

  • Introduction to the Secrets 
  • 2 Demo of the differences between old and new 
  • 3 Widgets, Previews, And Selecting a Template 
  • 4 General Editor Sections 
  • 5 More on Sections 
  • 6 How Customizable are the new Templates? VERY! 
  • 7 Another quick example of the customization-ability of the templates 
  • 8 Which template should you start with? 
  • 9 Editing Text Sections Part 1 
  • 9.2 Editing Text Sections Part 2 the HTML Hack 
  • 9.2a Editing Text Sections Part 2a Moving from another page builder 
  • 9.3 Editing Text Sections Part 3 wordtohtml site is free and helps build html 
  • 10 Editing the Sharing Page Plenty of new things in here! 
  • Bonus Editing with the new Unified Templates... be very careful! 
  • Bonus: How to set up a Waitlist BEFORE a Contest Launches 
  • Bonus 2 Split the Social Sharing Buttons into Sections! 
  • Bonus 2.1 Incentives, Yes, You Can Split Those Too 
  • UpViral tip: Taking someone off the leaderboard with negative points 
  • UpViral Tip You might not want to delete some test leads 
  • UpViral Tip View the sharing page like a user does! 
  • UpViral Tip: Create an animated GIF with Canva for your prizes, instructions, and more 
  • Unified Template Bonus you can now hide/show things for later in your campaign 
  • UpViral Editor Setting block width and height 
  • UpViral Editor setting text with a Border or Spaced or Upper Case
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